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50 Year of Industry Experience

Headquartered just outside of Luzern, Switzerland, Synsol AG (“Synsol”) is a privately owned company with over 50 years of industry expertise. Operating within the areas of production and marketing of Petrochemicals, Refined Petroleum Products and various Crude Oils.

We distribute Petrochemicals and Refined Petroleum Products to buyers throughout the world. As a principle trader we source quality products in a given local market, before distributing them in naturally aligned exit markets. We are especially focused on, sourcing and supply chain solutions having an excellent network of major producers and a dedicated team of professionals ensuring that our client’s exact needs are consistently met.

Some of our esteemed partners


In strategic areas we have presence and on the ground expertise wherever crude is produced, traded, stored and supplied to our clients.  With our local partners in Europe, Africa and Middle East we are involved in midstream operations that have enabled Synsol to become a niche trader in those areas.

We consider ourselves to be a highly adaptive organization, encompassing speed and logistics expertise that our end buyers expect.  Our extensive network covering producers and refiners means that we are able to work with existing and new streams and products in a real-time environment. All of these skills enable Synsol to provide its suppliers with a commercially enhanced proposition.

Related to transportation of Black products, Refined Petroleum Products and Petrochemicals, through our own logistics department we charter all-purpose tonnage to meet our physical delivery requirements; including contracts of affreightment, time charter or spot voyage fixtures.

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